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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Hook Message

The travesty that occured at Sandy Hook Elementary School was sad enough to begin with, which is why respectful people have waited to start commenting. The shooting should be a message for everybody. Sadly, some people have been making this message out to be that we need more gun control that cannot be farther from the truth. We actually need less control to stop these kinds of things happening. Schools are great targets for shooters because they have signs that say that you cannot have a concealed weapon on the school property, but do you really think that a criminal who's going to go and kill innocent children is going to pay attention to a little sign on the door? No of course not! So why have the signs? To make people feel safer that's the only reason to have them. They do nothing to make us safer, all they do is take away weapons from someone who could actually save innocent lives. If you really want to protect our children, you should join me in the fight to allow people with concealed carry permits to carry their weapons into public buildings. That is the only way to stop the mass shootings. We are trying to blame the guns and the mother and the NRA for the shooting, when the person too blame is Adam Lanza. He murdered the kids and there is no way on Earth it could be anyone else's fault. The guns didn't tell him to shoot the children,  the NRA didn't force him to do it. He made the choice to murder innocent people. If you have to place blame on someone else,  place it on the government. Parents are forced to send their children to an institution ran by the government where good law abiding citizens can't carry weapons for self defense. People planning on using a weapon for harm aren't going to obey rules of not bringing weapons on a school campus. The only way to stop these shootings is to shoot the shooters as soon as they raise their weapon to kill. Believe it or not, that is actually a deterrent as well as a method of stopping that specific person. If we outlaw guns,  criminals will still get access to them,  the only change will be that good people won't be able to defend themselves.  Even if they can't get guns,  they can kill with a knife, a rope, a sword, or their bare hands. Gun control helps no one except criminals.  That is what we should learn from this shooting in a state with more gun control than most others and in a building where weapons are not allowed. Think about why politicians want this. They either don't understand basic life processes,  or they want to disarm America. If they did that,  the government could do what they want to, without fear. If they want to take your property, they can, what could you do to stop them? When a country disarms its citizens, votes no longer count, elections are no longer required. The government has no fear of a revolution. Any protesters can be shot and killed. No one will retaliate when they have no weapons to fight with.  Especially when their opponents have unlimited weapons and ammunition. An assault weapons ban is in our future if we don't speak up.  We have to be able to keep our weapons to keep ourselves safe from other people and the government.  Remember this every time you hear talk of more gun control.  Remember that tyranny and murder comes after gun control, not safety and peace.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Better Debate

On October third, Obama and Romney talked about what they plan to do as president. What they said was slightly confusing. They tried to run the debate and talk about what they wanted to talk about. This may have made you a little confused. Partly because they talked about the same things over and over and got off topic very easily, but mainly because what they said didn't make sense. I decided to compile a list of their ideas and what it means.

Romney wants to let states be in control of their medicare.
Obama wants to keep social security, but tweak it slightly. He thinks that everyone getting "entitlements" worked for the money they are getting out of it and are independent. He wants to lower health care costs, but not change Social Security.
Romney thinks that Social Security and medicare should not be changed for current retirees. He wants to implement vouchers for seniors to buy their own health care. He wants to be able to choose which insurance company he uses instead of doing what the government tells him to do.
Obama countered with not being in support of vouchers and explaining the program. He said that under this program, the traditional medicare system would collapse. He said that medicare lowers insurance costs. He said that private insurance companies want to make a profit and it would make seniors be stuck with private companies.
Romney said that there must be regulations, but it can be excessive. It hurts the economy and he would change regulations. He wants qualified mortgages to be defined.
Obama said that a marketplace needs regulation.
Romney wants to repeal Obama Care. He says that it cuts medicare and it puts in place an un-elected group to dictate what care you get. It killed jobs and make care more expensive. He wants states to be able to make plans to fit their states.
Obama said that he wants to help people with preexisting conditions. He said that insurance companies "jerk people around". He says that Insurance companies are collecting money in profits and administrative. He said that Obama Care is the same as Romney's state healthcare plan.
Romney said that Obama Care was pushed through without any Republican agreement. He said that it did not raise taxes and cut medicare. He said that he had Democratic support in Massachusetts.
Obama said that Romney had wanted the state plan to be a model for the Nation. He said that the Federal plan was made by Republicans. He said that health care premiums have gone up less in the last 2 years than they have in the past 50 years. He said that we can't leave the it to the states.
Romney wants to lower health care costs. He said that the government can not bring down costs, he said that private sector competition brings down costs. We can't have the government telling everyone what care they can get.
Obama said that the government wont tell people what care they can get. He said that Obama care tells that insurance companies that they have to take everyone.
Romney said that his plan is a model for other states.
Obama thinks that the American Government is supposed to keep America safe and open opportunity and that Abraham Lincoln understood that America can do much more together. He wants reform for schools that are doing badly. He wants to hire another hundred thousand math and science teachers.
He said that he believes in states make education decisions on heir own. He thinks the federal government should keep the military. He wants to keep religious tolerance and freedom.He wants the federal government to care for everyone who has problems and care for elderly and poor and help others pursue happiness. The federal government should make schools do better. He wants to help individual children with federal funds, not states or school districts. He wants Republicans and Democrats to work together.
Obama is willing to accept any idea as long as it advances the middle class. He said that working together is how he assassinated Bin Laden, repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell, and did other things. He thinks that Democrats have to say not to things that are brought up. He closed by saying that he wants everyone to have a fair share and a fair shot.
Romney closed by saying that he is concerned about America and that he will help create jobs and will repeal Obama care and let states make their own health care plans. He will increase spending in medicare. He will keep military spending.
At this point, I have heard enough. Neither of them have read and understood the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Obama swore that he would uphold the Constitution when he took office. What he said tonight shows that he is a liar and is not fit to be president of the United States. Romney has said that he wants to do things as president that are just as wrong and illegal as what Obama has already done. This shows how bad our situation is right now and how we need to stop these people from being elected to be a person who has become the most powerful person in the country.