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Friday, February 8, 2013

Matt Safari's Presidential Campaign

Presidential Campaign of Matt Safari
American Originals candidate for President of the United States
  • Eliminate “entitlement” programs by cutting off new enrollment and tightening restrictions.
  • Take the currency back to the gold standard and eliminate the Federal Reserve
  • Reduce participation in the UN
  • Bring soldiers back to the US and start cutting back the military to provide defense only.
  • Give education, roads, and all other Federal government projects not allowed under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution to the states in which they are located.
Matt Safari was born in Florence South Carolina in 1980. When he was 15 years old, he started writing short stories and tried to get them published. He worked on his writing career throughout high school and continued on through his years at Clemson University. He graduated from there with a degree in business administration. Since his writing career had still not taken off, he got his first job working as the manager at a local restaurant chain. He married Nicole Harrison in 2008.
He went on to work many different jobs, until 2010. Throughout his adult life, he had been interested in web design, so after accumulating some savings, he quit his job. He then started creating websites. He had finished 4 websites with various stories and nonfiction works that he had written when he decided to create a small business that he would name Safari Entertainment in 2011. He has been building Safari Entertainment since then. He has a few employees who create the stories, games, music, and videos that he posts on his websites. He says that his goal with Safari Entertainment is to provide clean and legal free entertainment to the world. His income comes from his online store where he sells products to market the things created for Safari Entertainment. His first story was a science fiction work titled System Sacrifice. It is about a futuristic society where the government is taking control. Two children named John and Lilly are orphaned when their parents are sacrificed for the good of the country. This story was the start of Mr. Safari's political career.
After he wrote System Sacrifice, he has created many political blogs to express his opinion on political issues. The writings of George Orwell and Ayn Rand have influenced much of his political orientation. His entire family has always been very concerned with politics and he grew up watching the news and reading about politics. He has never held a political office and has struggled with the decision to run for president, with the start of a campaign starting right after the 2012 election and ending a month later with the birth of his daughter, Emma Safari. He decided to continue his campaign in February of 2013. He hopes to be the youngest president ever at age 35, which is the youngest a president can be. Mr. Safari will be campaigning until 2016 when he will either become president or, as he has said in his campaign, he will be leaving the country.

Campaign Speech
Today you have a choice. A very important choice. You can either save the world or destroy it. It is all in your hands right now. Imagine a world where you can be slaughtered because you disagreed with something the government did. If you own a business, think about how your business is doing right now. Think about what you would do if it was taken away from you. What if you were watched every day at your job by an armed guard who will kill you as soon as you stop working. What about your food. Do you like to eat? What if you had to eat the same tasteless food every day because it is the cheapest thing. Parents, what would you do if your child were taken from you as soon as it was born? What if a criminal came and stole everything you own and then murdered your children? These are things that you should be thinking about right now. This is the world that you will be throwing your own children and grandchildren into if you make the wrong choice now. Am I crazy? I don't think so. Look at history. Now, look at today. We are hurtling to the kinds of things that I have just described. I am Matt Safari and I will be leaving the country in 2016, unless you will get your act together today. This was once a proud country. We were free, we were brave, we were selfless, we were safe, we were the Great American Melting Pot. We were the United States Of America. Now what are we? We are slaves, we are cowards, we are selfish, we are a tossed salad. We are Mexican Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, and white people. We have lost our unity. Help me take it back. Let us be the generation that will save the world. Let our children and our grandchildren read about us in their history books. Let them be able to say thanks for all we have done for them. Right now, our children and grandchildren will be able to look at us and ask why. Why would we do this to them. Why would we make their lives so hard? They will ask what? What was so much more important to us than freedom. What will your answer be? Will you tell them you just wanted to be safe, will you tell them you just wanted an easier life, or will you have to look them in the eye and tell them you just didn't care. Those are your choices, unless you are dead and they can ask others why are you gone. They will hear how you tried to make things better for them, you tried to save them, but you failed. There will be no other option if you make the wrong choice today. This may sound a little too awful to be true, but it isn't. The country is failing. We are giving away our rights in exchange for freedom, money, or to be good people. Every single American should read the Constitution today. You will see the problems we have. We have a military spread throughout the world. Most of the country is stealing from the few successful people left in this country. Our weapons are being taken away as we speak. We can no longer use our freedom of speech. We no longer have the money to do anything fun. We have a few hours to spend with our children each day, but not nearly enough. Oh, now I probably seem crazy don't I? Well then think about this. Our military is huge and not being used to protect us. It is being used to help other countries who will stab us in the back whenever it suits them. The rich and successful people who have worked hard all their lives are being taxed so much that they are losing more than half their money to the government. They are the ones who give the most to others and they are the ones who provide jobs to the rest of us. Their money is then given to people who sit at home and say that they can't make money to sustain themselves. We started off with no weapons restrictions. Almost everyone had one and if someone tried to steal from you are kill you, you killed them before they could. They were tools. Today, guns are the murderers. When someone kills someone, we blame the gun and slap a few more restrictions on them. Obviously, the criminals who will use them are not going to pay attention to more laws. Only the good people are restricted. The courts have decided that self defense is not allowed. This is leading us into a complete gun ban. After this, the government has no restrictions. We won the first Revolutionary war when everyone had weapons. We lost Revolutionary War Two when we fought the Civil War. The government told us that we could not follow in the Founding Fathers footsteps. We had to listen to them or we would be slaughtered. People are arrested for protesting or hurting someone's feelings. So this is where we are now. What can we do about it? I have thought about this often and I have made a plan that will put us on the road to recovery. I will be running for president in 2016. The president has gained power over the years and I plan on cutting off that power and closing the loopholes previous presidents have made. We will have to end entitlement programs. However, we can't just stop them all at once. That would hurt too many Americans. We will tighten restrictions and not accept any new people into the programs. Then, we will slowly drain these programs until they have been totally eliminated. We will also need to return our currency to the Gold Standard. This will eliminate the need for the federal reserve and our money will actually be worth something. It will prevent the government from spending too much and then printing more money. That ultimately hurts all of us. Next, we will reduce participation in the UN. Our soldiers will no longer be the world police force. We will not allow a world government to rule us. We will not sign any new treaties and we will not participate in anything that will not help us. We are too unstable to be helping everyone else. Now, we will need to bring our soldiers home. We will finish the wars we are in by whatever force is necessary and then we will bring them all home. We will eliminate our world presence. Our Navy will not be a global force for good. The next step will be to eliminate our standing military. We will have the equipment that may be needed, but we will not have the soldiers until they are needed. Each state will have their National Guard trained and ready for combat. That leads me into the next and most important goal. We will Give education, roads, and all other Federal government projects not allowed under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution to the states in which they are located. There is a list of things Congress is allowed to do and most of what they do is not allowed. We have to end that. If each state controls the projects, they can decide what to do with them. If a state wants to sell a National Park within their border, they can. That is how the country was created and it was the intention. We have to take it back to that or we will be thrust into the worst society in the history of the country. It is all up to you. Save the world or destroy it. Take your pick. If you have chosen to save the world. You have a hard road ahead of you. I can't just ask you to vote for me in 2016. It isn't that simple. You have to vote for me and you have to get others to vote for me. Being a third party, I have a small chance. That is why you have to help. You have to tell others what I have told you today. You have to get people to support this rescue mission for the country. I am working as hard as I can, but that isn't enough. We all have to come together to teach others how to do what's right. You have to campaign just as much as I do. It is all up to you. Do something cray and forget about being politically correct, just be right. Talk to anyone and everyone. Tell people about these problems and we can be the people who save the world. Thank you.